Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pregnancy: Ten Things You Don’t Need To Buy For the Nursery

Walking to a baby store can be overwhelming!  When the staff harries you with registry paperwork, scanning gun, and recommended lists, you end up wondering what you really need-and what will sit unopened in your nursery.  Some products line the shelves to simply lure you in under the guise of being needed.  But here’s a list of ten things to never put in that cart!

1) Disposable diapers!  Cloth diapering is making a HUGE comeback.  Gone are the days of safety pins and trash-bag like covers.  Cloth diapers come in ADORABLE prints and are incredibly easy to use-you can even put a flush-able liner in to catch the poop!  Not only are they easy, but they’ll save you TONS of money!

2) Hooded towels and baby robes.  Really, no baby keeps their head in these contraptions.  The hoods are always too big, and they never stay in the towel long enough to make them worth it!  Baby robes are even worse.

3) Incredibly expensive bedding.  Face it: those first few months your baby will likely be in your bed most of the time, and won’t even enjoy their fancy bedding.  There are many places to get cheaper bedding, and you can always shop clearance racks!  Your child will have no idea their bedding doesn’t match the d├ęcor.

4) Bassinet.  Bassinets may seem very convenient on the floor of that big baby store, but you’ve only got a few precious months before your bundle of joy is looking over the edge and squirming to get out.  A bassinet may be comfortable for naps, but children quickly outgrow them. 

5) Changing Table.  While you may have every intention of using that cute little changing table, with it’s plush fabric and the secure safety strap, most parents will opt to change on the floor, on the couch, or on the bed.  This is one product that will likely just be a piece you don’t need.

6) Baby Bathtub.  Now you may use your baby bathtub once or twice, but really, the reality its that babies don’t need full on baths.  They’ll squirm and scream-and the last thing you want to do is worry about keeping that cute whale shaped bathtub in place during the wash down.  Your sink will do just as well for a bath-as will a wipe down with a washcloth!

7) Diaper genie.  Diaper Genies were all the rage when they came out, but really, all they leave you with is one huge caterpillar looking bundle of stinky diapers.  A diaper pail with a lid does just as well.  And since you’re going to cloth diaper anyway, a diaper genie isn’t needed!

8) Shoes.  Guess what?  Babies don’t wear shoes!  While there are all sorts of expensive shoes out there for newborns, the last thing you need is ANOTHER article of clothing to put on them.  Save money by opting out of footwear.  It’s outgrown too quickly, and isn’t used until they can walk!  Stick with socks!

9) Expensive Outfits.  Sure, your baby will look cute for five whole minutes in that adorable outfit, but really, you’ll be changing clothes quite often, so stick with the bare essentials.  You’ll probably get tons of adorable clothes at your baby shower, so don’t splurge on clothes!

10) Baby Shampoo/Toiletries.  While many babies get stinky, it’s no cause to scour them down with unnecessary detergents.  While they may smell good, many of the chemicals in baby products are over the top.  Stick with just water and lotion!  Always check for allergic reactions to toiletry products as well.  Baby’s skin doesn't need harsh chemicals!

Babies are a billion dollar a year market, that has been plagued by unnecessary spending.  Save your hard earned money for the more important things!

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